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Russian “False-Flag” operations in the Ukraine

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Re: Russian “False-Flag” operations in the Ukraine
Post by Arol   » Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:29 pm

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Three times in about a month, Orban has been forced to eat crow (Be publicly proven a liar!), in front of the whole world!
First time was when his eighteen month; oft stated, declaration that Hungary would not be the last NATO nation to ratify Sweden’s acceptance in NATO.
Oops! He is last, and he is alone! First mouth full of crow!
Last week, trying to bamboozle the EU into cutting aid to Ukraine, but folded at the wire! Second order of crow!
As for today, he had stated that the Hungarian Parliament would ratify the acceptance at its first sitting. His political opponents in Parliament; to save him and his Fidesz crony’s the trouble of convening a session, did it for them!
They boycotted the meeting!!! Third mouth full of crow!
The difference between him and Erdogan’s delaying tactics was that Erdogan always had a price! Kurds, lifting of sanctions, aircraft…something! Orban on the other hand never demanded anything, happy to follow like a cur, the big dog.
Now alone, he has come with a demand!
He wants the Swedish PM to come to Budapest for …negotiations! What negotiation?
What he wants is a ply to his ego! The Swedish PM coming hat in hand, on his knees, should play well with his constituents! As well as his BFF in the Kremlin!
I guess that he is finding out that riding two horses can be hard sometimes! ... nato-vote/

[b]Hungary’s ruling party balks at Swedish NATO vote

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