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Treecat Counter

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Re: Treecat Counter
Post by Brigade XO   » Mon Oct 12, 2020 3:43 pm

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We had at least one deep descripton of -I think Nimitz- misdirecting another cat by leaving out information. As far as that goes, Stephanie's partner does something of the same thing when he is trying to figure out what is going on at the Harrington homestead and then with Stephanie.

The difficulty with Alignment (and others who don't know they are working for the Alignment suiciding is that when they stop passing information, somebody may go looking for them. Manticorian security may be good enough to keep the circumstances of the deaths more or less quiet but unless they can make the persons disappear there will be something. Even if the cause of death is something medical (aneurysm, heart attack etc) the agent's handler may be able to see a death notice and obit and when that is reported back up the line the cause of death could be matched- way back now at Darius- with what the nanites for that agent were supposed to cause.

Stopping the outflow if information is critical as is identifying who was passing it and what is likely to have been compromised. On the other hand, having them "just die" leaves you with mostly traditional detective and spycraft work to try and find out where and through home (and how) the agent has been communicating. Lots of leg and computer work. Also the possiblity of tripping alarms to let the handler know someone is investigating. But that is all part of the workload. What are the overlaps, what are the similarities what joins this and any other persons in the investigation together. Detective work and research.

It is also going to give the Alighment a few headaches beyond havin lost a lot of sources. They may have to even pull out more than a few people who may be at risk of being identified and exposed- which would let the detectives follow the trails.
Re: Treecat Counter
Post by cthia   » Tue Oct 13, 2020 6:10 am

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Theemile wrote:
cthia wrote:
Follow where? To the address of his fake ID on another planet? How would they know there is an observer who is observing? Everyone in the area would be nosey.

Another method that could be effective to counter treecats is drugs. If there is a drug that can be administered which alters the mind and emotions enough, then treecats would be rendered ineffective. Regardless of the treecat's methods. Especially if the drug still allows the target to be functional. We know psychedelics do that.

Yeah, but such levels of drugs will leave the subject in a less then fully capable form - and they will run out over time. Could you do this to get past a checkpoint, sure, but anything else would be pushing it. A Drunk/drugged agent on a secret mission has the taste of a bad spy comedy movie.

Besides, we have seen Treecats twinge onto humans that were... "wrong", specifically the suicide bomber on Torch who had been drugged and conditioned. Genghis didn't know he was going to do what he did, he just could tell something REALLY was not right about that dude...

Well, I did include the disclaimer of finding a drug which accomplishes the goal but still leaves the agent functional. This may be possible if the drug is administered in perfect doses, and perhaps if an agent has built up a tolerance. We see that all the time now. I can't take pain killers. Doctors find me puzzling. It is why I never grew attached to recreational drugs or alcohol consumption. But other people can take them like they're candy and drink like fish.

With the MA's ability, I'm sure they can manufacture a designer drug to accomplish the task, and develop a system that dispenses exact doses in a time ordered fashion.

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