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Killer Terminii?

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Re: Killer Terminii?
Post by Cheopis   » Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:43 am

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There was a certain person (points to self) who, during a thread about assaulting wormholes with unknown endpoints, suggested creating a giant almost-armor-only sphere of battle steel, stupidly thick, which would have, deep inside, a single tiny courier ship whose only job is to enter hyper as fast as possible after the armored shell around it transitions the wormhole and is being engaged by enemy fixed weapon emplacements.

This idea was shot down by the celery eating one over the course of a couple back and forth posts about how hyper generator fields work. I will leave it to those interested in said specifics to find the thread. It *might* have found it's way into the pearls of weber as well. Unsure

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