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A Snippet from Toni on the bar (Shadow of Freedom)

This is the place where we will be posting snippets of soon-to-be published works!
Re: A Snippet from Toni on the bar (Shadow of Freedom)
Post by Sharidann   » Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:44 am

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She did!

But she clearly stated she wouldn't mention which chapter number it would be.

And then some people gave her wonderful snipping ideas... like... post a snippet comprised of only one letter out of the 26 in the alphabet.....
Would make fun to try and fit the holes in a chapter with only the "e" or "z" and then blanks. :)

Anyway, growing impatient ... but in a good way. :)
Lunan wrote:If you look at the bar. Toni has promised us an entire chapter. Oh my...

Thirdbase wrote:
rdt wrote:Toni posted yet another meager:


"Well, this is an interestin' development," Rear Admiral Michael Oversteegen drawled.

Michelle Henke restrained an urge to hit him over the head. It was difficult.


Satisfying, no? No!

I still claim that doesn't count as a snippet, because it occurs every day.

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