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Audiobook Covers Alt

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Audiobook Covers Alt
Post by Michael Everett   » Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:33 am

Michael Everett

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I recently purchased all 5 War God books from Audible (and transferred them to iTunes), but the covers were not that great from my viewpoint.
I am not blaming RFC for this. The stories are wonderful. The artwork itself is good, but how it was stretched/cropped etc on the Audible downloads... it just nagged at me.
I have therefore taken the artwork and used it to make a fairly cohesive set of five covers that can be found on my Deviantart page. I will include one cover in this post for reference.
As you can see, I trimmed the pic vertically, added a red border, put it on a black background and placed Weber's name down the side. The other four covers are similar, thus making a very nice visual arrangement in my Audiobook/War God playlist (it is obvious that they are of the same series). All five covers have the authors name down the side (thank you cut-and-paste) which helps confirm that it is the same series.

Hopefully RFC doesn't mind that I butchered e-copies of the cover to make these. If he does, I will remove the images from my DeviantArt page, but I am keeping them on my playlist as the original variety of covers pressed my OCD buttons in a very annoying way.

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