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spoiler next book vis a vis TFT

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Re: spoiler next book vis a vis TFT
Post by Peregrinator   » Mon Feb 25, 2019 1:31 pm


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dobriennm wrote:The Author has to make a bridge book. To do otherwise would be like writing a series that starts in 1910 with a book stopping at the end of World War I and then starting the next book with the German invasion of Poland and depending on flashbacks to go over the twenty years between World War I and II, covering the Versailles Treaty, The Russian Revolution, formation of the USSR, the Great Depression, Hitler's rise, Japan turning from ally to enemy, etc.

Flashbacks would only be needed for those things the author deems important. There are over 70 years between The Hobbit (TA 2941) and the main plot of The Lord of the Rings (TA 3018-19), yet I don't think the story suffers for lack of a book bridging the two.
Re: spoiler next book vis a vis TFT
Post by cthia   » Mon Feb 25, 2019 1:49 pm

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drothgery wrote:Though given prolong, a twenty-year or so shift forward of the main timeline won't have nearly as many key players dropping due to old age.

Twenty years will probably allow the MA's groundhog to see its shadow, prompting 6 more decades of cold winter awaiting us readers before they finally Spring into action. :D

At any rate, I wonder how I'll adjust as a reader to a new Protector and a new President of Haven. Albeit, Beth will most likely still be Queen unless she's assassinated by Malignant hands. Oh, and a retired Honor.

I'll recognize the Honorverse about as little as I do the Federation.

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