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Wencit' Status <possible spoilers>

Fans of Bahzell and Tomenack come on in! Let's talk about David's fantasy series and our favorite hradani!
Re: Wencit' Status <possible spoilers>
Post by bkwormlisa   » Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:38 pm


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DrakBibliophile wrote:Some have speculated that Wencit's comment about half-breeds like Gwynna may have been true in the past but might not be true "today".

While Gwynna is obviously a powerful mage, IIRC there's no evidence against her also being a potential wild wizard.

bkwormlisa wrote:
Gwynna and Kenhodan can't have a child; Gwynna is sterile. Unless you want to assume that she can use her mage powers to change that, it's not possible.

All of the hints in books 3 and 4 indicated that Bahzell and Leena's child would be a wild wizard, but instead she turned out to be an incredibly powerful mage. But I've seen a couple of comments now about her being a wild mage or wild wizard instead. Is there any textev for that?

Which of Wencit's comments about half-breeds? Gwynna knows she's sterile; she tells her teacher that she's examined her cells and knows she doesn't have to worry about the usual consequences for a woman accelerating her own puberty.

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