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Starfire inspired game - Stellar Armada - $1 board game

Set in the Starfire strategy game universe, co-authored by David and Steve White, these novels feature the clash of the Terran Federation, the cat-like Orions, the genocidal Rigelians, and the "Bugs"...join us in the discussion!
Starfire inspired game - Stellar Armada - $1 board game
Post by jbanes   » Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:30 pm


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Hi all!

I was linking to Mr. Weber's site today when I was doing an update on Kickstarter for my board game project Stellar Armada. It never clicked with me that this site had forums for Starfire. (I'm semi-active over on the SDS forums.)

Anyway, I thought fans of Starfire might be interested in the history of Stellar Armada and the role that Starfire played in it. It's quite an interesting story spanning multiple blog posts, a forum thread, and a podcast! I give an abbreviated version of the story at the bottom of the Stellar Armada campaign page.

I'll provide links for everything below so you can go through the information according to your interest level.

Having been inspired by Mr. Weber's books, I'm hugely interested in bringing Starfire back to the forefront as an active game. Whether it's a straightforward modernization (which was my original plan) or a 'reboot' based on the new mechanics I've designed, I think the brand is just waiting to be brought back.

I'd love to hear from all of you! I'll try to monitor this thread, but you can also contact me on Kickstarter or by email at jbanes at gmail. (Don't forget the dot com on the end!)

Jerason Banes
Stellar Armada Designer

- Stellar Armada Kickstarter page
- Podcast on Stellar Armada, Starfire, David Weber
- Starfire Design Studios thread on modernizing Starfire
- Starfire - Party like it's 1979 (Part 1)
- Starfire - It's Perfect, Now Change Everything (Part 2)

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