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What does the writ say about sexuality and gender?

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Re: What does the writ say about sexuality and gender?
Post by edgeworthy   » Thu Feb 25, 2021 10:43 pm

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Brigade XO wrote:The RMN Admiral who is in charge of sorting out Manticore's portion of Silesia has a. I think we are give his name at least once.

Allison -in teasing Honor- or at least somebody, talks about same sex lovers.....but then Beowulf is kind of well known for not being in any way straight laced. :)

RFC does't make this any sort of major part of the story lines though you can find a couple of references.

Technically Honor is married to Hamish and Emily.

And Lady White Haven does comment that in her younger days she might also have been interested in Duchess Harrington.

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