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Update on next Safehold book

This fascinating series is a combination of historical seafaring, swashbuckling adventure, and high technological science-fiction. Join us in a discussion!
Re: Update on next Safehold book
Post by Alistair   » Tue Nov 17, 2020 5:58 pm

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Here is the latest update:

Okay. Since people have been asking, here's what's going on production wise.
(1) INTO THE LIGHT (with Chris Kennedy) — the sequel to OUT OF THE DARK — is coming out in January 2021.

(2) GOVERNOR (with Richard Fox) — the first in a prequel series set in the FURY universe, but three or four centuries earlier. It will follow the creation of the Terran Empire and the creation of the Cadre. It is scheduled for June of 2021.

(3) STILL UNTITLED (with Eric Flint) — we have a working title, but neither of us thrilled with it. The next in the Victor and Anton thread (with Damien Harahap now added to the mix) in the Honorverse — is currently scheduled for October 2021, I believe.

(4) FOOLS IN PERIL (with Jane Lindskold) — the next Stephanie Harrington novel. The title is still flexible. I am finishing up my edit on the manuscript this weekend (hopefully), but it's not scheduled yet.

(5) A CALL TO INSURRECTION (with Tim Zahn and Tom Pope) — Tom and I have delayed Tim quite a lot on this one, with health problems and some other issues. The manuscript is now back in Tim's hands; it's about 40% complete, and that's about all I can tell you about that one right this minute. Except to reiterate that the delay is not Tim's fault in any way.
6) The sequel to THE VALKYRIE PROTOCOL (with Jacob Holo) — Jacob has completed his first draft, and that's part of the deck clearing I need to get to Sometime Real Soon Now™.

(7) HONOR HARRINGTON ANTHOLOGY — this one has been hanging fire for YEARS, and I intend to get my story for it written and then get it into the pipeline ASAP.

(8) planning sessions: I need to get with Chris to plan the sequel to INTO THE LIGHT, with Richard to plan the sequel to GOVERNOR, with Jane to plan the next Stephanie novel, and with Joelle Presby to plan the sequel to THE ROAD TO HELL.


(9) NEXT SAFEHOLD BOOK — this is my next solo writing project, which I will begin the instant I have enough breathing space on the collaborations.


(10) NEXT NORFRESSA BOOK — the sequel to THE SWORD OF THE SOUTH, which will be the solo project following immediately after Safehold.

There! At least you can tell I really have been doing stuff during the flupocalypse!
Re: Update on next Safehold book
Post by Erls   » Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:31 am


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Thanks for the update.

I understand that it is unreasonable of me to want my favorite author to prioritize my favorite stories of his, but I am only human after all. With that said, I wish RFC would be prioritizing adding content to Honorverse (Manticore Ascendant and Star Kingdom, and anthologies) and Safehold, over new universes. I understand why the reverse is so often true, with more recently introduced series getting priority (need to keep new fans engaged), just wish it wasn't so. Perhaps what I should say is that in my perfect world, authors with two or three established universes wouldn't introduce new ones until they had the basic manuscript for 2 or 3 books worth in rough form, allowing them to publish one a year with a couple of sequels without ignoring their established universes.

Wow, I'm rambling and will shut up. Only question I have is if there are any ETAs on Honorverse or Safehold works?
Re: Update on next Safehold book
Post by oyohan   » Mon Oct 18, 2021 8:43 pm

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Been almost a year since the last post. I know we have Dune coming out this week but still thinking of the next Safehold book.

A lot of DW's pipeline has cleared. We got Crown of Slaves 4 (ho-hum) and the Valkyrie sequel (enjoyed very much) and the Fury prequel (cant get past a third)...

Anybody know anything?

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