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Any updates I've missed on book 4?

"Hell's Gate" and "Hell Hath No Fury", by David, Linda Evans, and Joelle Presby, take the clash of science and magic to a whole new dimension...join us in a friendly discussion of this engrossing series!
Any updates I've missed on book 4?
Post by Mycall4me   » Thu Jul 04, 2024 9:38 pm


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The last update I've heard on book 4 (a year+ ago) was that Joelle was working on it, and that things were progressing slowly due to the complexity of all the charactets and locations that had to be tracked, and compared back and forth. This was also before Dabare Snake Launcher came out, so obviously Joelle was busy with that also. It's been awhile since that came out, and I was wondering if she and David had gotten back to it. I DO subscribe to her newsletter and although there hasn't been any word from that, there is also the fact that there hasn't been aby recent updates, and she had been pretty regular about them every few months, it has been a lot longer than that since her last one, so I hope that that means she's busy doing something else. Anything?
Re: Any updates I've missed on book 4?
Post by Randallw   » Fri Jul 05, 2024 5:36 am


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This is the most recent news I know of…

Joelle has completed her part of the next Multiverse novel; the delay there is on me, but that is a series where the timing on the Covid hit me especially hard and it is a VERY time intensive universe. I am not positive when I will be able to get to it, but it is definitely ongoing.

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