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Multiverse book four

"Hell's Gate" and "Hell Hath No Fury", by David, Linda Evans, and Joelle Presby, take the clash of science and magic to a whole new dimension...join us in a friendly discussion of this engrossing series!
Multiverse book four
Post by Mycall4me   » Thu Feb 01, 2024 10:32 pm


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So, the last I heard RFC has said that he and Joelle are currently working on the new book, but it is going very slow bc of how complex all the details of all the different worlds and characters are causing. This was at LEAST a year (probably more) ago. My question is, has RFC given out any newer updated?
Re: Multiverse book four
Post by ThisName1   » Tue Feb 06, 2024 12:44 pm

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Not that I've come across. I'm not expecting another book until at least the beginning of next year.

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