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About Mamelukes

Jerry Pournelle’s Janissaries series is alive and well. Drop in to discuss it and — especially— the latest addition: Mamelukes by Jerry himself with a little posthumous help from Phillip Pournelle and David!
Re: About Mamelukes
Post by Peregrinator   » Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:20 pm


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fallsfromtrees wrote:I do believe that this is the end, unless Philip decides to continue the series.

From the first post in the thread:

runsforcelery wrote:I was deeply honored and very pleased when Toni Weisskopff invited me to be one of the authors — along with Jerry's son, Philip — who completed the novel. I think it is a strong book, I hope it is one of which Jerry would approve, and I think there is the distinct possibility that it will serve as the launch platform for a resumption of the original series.

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