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TVP, and a Justinian mention.

David's and Jacob Holo's newest alternate, cross history series.
TVP, and a Justinian mention.
Post by MrZero   » Fri May 14, 2021 6:31 pm

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The Age of Justinian and Theodora by William Gordon Holmes is up on Project Gutenberg.
Project Gutenberg: Saving out of copyright books without mass murder, sundering the time stream, or separating you from your body.
Want to read up on the real-world history behind the real-world characters Justinian and Theodora? Here you go!
Meanwhile, The Valkyrie Protocol is available for order in 3 forms (Hardcover, softcover, and digital) on Baen.
As with all Baen Products there is no guarantee that it will not separate you from your socks in some form of knock, blast, or temporal displacement along with the last hour you've been reading.
The Valkyrie Protocol is a good sequel to The Gordian Protocol. It's a sequel, but it still has the same feel, the same setting, and many returning characters. After surviving the events of the 1st book, SysGov has to figure out what happened and how to survive it if it happens again. They don't really get the chance to sit down on the problem as they uncover new problems, new screwups, and new neighbors- all of which adds up to a new conflict that no one was prepared for! A good book by Weber and Holo.

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