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This Navy report was right out of Apocalypse Troll.

Talk about the time traveling Kanga invasion.
This Navy report was right out of Apocalypse Troll.
Post by LTArmstrong   » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:28 pm

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This is a 2004 US Navy report that the Department of Defense just released. You should read the article and look at the video: On the video, this object ran away from two USS Nimitz F-18 Hornets like they weren’t even there, while being watched by a Navy Missile frigate on radar. The Navy does not screw up these kinds on observations when it involves an airborne object approaching one of their Aircraft Carriers. There are very few things this on this planet that are faster than a F-18 Hornet. None of them are as big as this thing was reported to be.

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