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Query regarding Ground Combat

Talk about the time traveling Kanga invasion.
Re: Query regarding Ground Combat
Post by Loren Pechtel   » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:23 pm

Loren Pechtel
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Jonathan_S wrote:Been a while since I read this but I though the Troll, like its heavy combat chassis, has shields not just armor.

The shields somehow block the plasma from dropping back into normal space, so a +1 meter setting would be useless against a shielded target - you'd expose your position but inflict no damage. You need to hit the shields, hard, to overload and drop them. And once they were dropped the standard sidearm killed the troll just fine.

The Apocalypse Troll wrote:"Ground force battle screen has one great weakness." Ludmilla could hear the long ago instructor's dry, lecturing tone in her mind. "Unlike deep space battle screen, it cannot reach into other dimensions due to the Frankel Limit of a planetary body. Therefore, it cannot protect against an attack delivered through multi-dimensional space."

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