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Problem in Governor

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Problem in Governor
Post by GregD   » Sat Mar 06, 2021 2:47 am

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“We left Granger to keep an eye on the POWs until the Republic can pick them up, but there’s no way she can hold onto the yard if they turn up to collect them with a task group or two in their pocket. Which, if you’ll recall, is why I specifically told her to not even try. She’s got her finger on the trigger to slag the yards if she needs to, and she’s got the early warning to skip the system and make it back to New Dublin and avoid a fight.”

When I first read that, I read it as "the League", since the Federation wouldn't be "collecting" POWs "with a task group or two in their pocket".

The other option is that they're going to keep the POWs, and so "Federation" is correct.

But, in any event, "Republic" is wrong

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