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Why did Naytash stay at Diyu? SPOILER

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Re: Why did Naytash stay at Diyu? SPOILER
Post by Fox2!   » Sat Jul 30, 2022 10:48 pm


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Do we know which clan Naytash belongs to? Her actions may have consequences downstream, even centuries away. The destruction of Dragon Fleet and revelation of Rish involvement in the war would not have been well received by the Great Mothers of the Sphere.
Re: Why did Naytash stay at Diyu? SPOILER
Post by Mycall4me   » Tue Jul 02, 2024 1:57 am


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ThinksMarkedly wrote:
Lego2Gpa wrote:Than had been at Diyu for 4 weeks when Xing and Murphy show up.
No record, but presumably Naytash got a report on the disaster at New Dublin. She's had time to make plans and take action, but doesn't appear to have done anything.
One thought was that the replacement manifolds may be on their way. But if so, I'd think she would hover at the expected delivery point in order to keep them away from the Federation.
It's been nagging at me. Does anyone have a plausible reason?

And why didn't she bolt when the FTLCs arrived? But indeed she stayed intentionally, so she must have had a reason. Aliens have alien thinking patterns, but they must still be somewhat logical. What could it be?

If you remember the Rish matriarch in In Fury Born in that plantary invasion that Alicia shows up to take care of, the matriarch was honor bound to die before giving up because her clan had the major fail in the operation that Seargent Alicia upset, and as a consequence of that had been forced into that losing conflict to expiate her failure. So it seems possible that Naytash was setting up her own punishment because she knew if Xing didn't return victorious she as the on site Rish matriarch would be expected to pay with her life, and however many others she could take with her.

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