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Scenes we haven't read yet from UC

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Re: Scenes we haven't read yet from UC
Post by phillies   » Mon Nov 08, 2021 9:50 am

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Early on the Solarian League might want to rebuild enough of the Sol system's industrial capacity so that the people there do not starve to death.
Re: Scenes we haven't read yet from UC
Post by Theemile   » Mon Nov 08, 2021 9:57 am

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Brigade XO wrote:I believe that at one point, captured SLN ships from Spindle etc were being shuttled to Manticore to be recycled. Given that in the same time frame we also heard about forming the Talbot Guard, then, yes all the small arms, etc that could be useful to the TG should have been stripped out (and small craft) as it is probable that what the various star system governments had for weapons and other military gear would have been mostly some type of Solly equipment or licensed (or knockoff) production and in the short term, you give your people "modern" equipment till you can get the SEM stuff.
After Filareta showed up at Manticore and looses all the metal etc, any SLN ships in Talbot probably should just be scrapped there. There had to be ships that it wasn't worth doing any repair work on just to take them to Manticore to scrap. It would be a source of materials for existing orbital manufacturing and help in construction of more orbital infrastructure. What we don't know is how soon any of the SEM systems in Talbot can start having companies getting into making things to ease the pressure on 1) spare parts for Military, 2) produce civilian goods for the Manticore export trade (boost restart that section of the economy.

Right - I was speaking from back in the moments of that on-going conversation pre-UH. Pretty much any argument proposed for the captured wallers could be done better with remaining RMN/RMMM kit floating around.

In UC, yes, all the capital ships were fed into a fusion woodchipper for base materials after they were all picked over for information and useful bits. No word was ever given on whether they gave their Solarian Marine hardware to the Talbot militaries (or Torch, as my original suggestion for the Havenite Wallers went), or what happened to their escorts. Chances are they got fed into the plasma furnace too. And of course, items like "useful bits (TM)" are left undefined, to give David freedom in case he decides in 3 months to rearm Idaho with Solarian CAs and 2 Divisions of Solarian Marine power armor.
RFC said "refitting a Beowulfan SD to Manticoran standards would be just as difficult as refitting a standard SLN SD to those standards. In other words, it would be cheaper and faster to build new ships."
Re: Scenes we haven't read yet from UC
Post by Brigade XO   » Mon Nov 08, 2021 7:28 pm

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Ah,....Idaho now has a somewhat lesser worry about OFS with FF backup trying to push against what has been a forceful Manticore -Idaho multiple treaty situation. Idaho probably has a few at least small ships and regular RMN visits.

Junkers, on the other hand, is going to need a bit more help. Of course the fact that OFS is now out of the equation means that that particular drain on the income from the wormhole bridge. Now there will NOT be any sort of regular FF patrols so the GA (probably mainly in the shape of RMN ships) will be visiting more regularly. This would be a good time to provide any requested help from the Junkers system government for at least light ships that can make the system difficult for pirates.

Manticore can't (and won't) walk away from it's existing treaty obligations but I suspect that with OFS out of the picture, Manticore can assist (if asked and I expect they will be) to help Junkers craft a reasonable trade agreement with the SL 2.0 as far as reciprocity and fees. A couple of DDs would not be amiss either, even if they are "ex-SLN". How fast can you ramp up and convert a SDF which has been basically an armed customs operation to keep civilian merchant shipping honest with a small batch of aging and semi- obsolete SLN tech LACs to operate at least a couple of much more modern warships and take over many of the duties that FF would supposed to have been providing like commerce protection?

We shall see.

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