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It appears that there will be an EARC for To End in Fire

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It appears that there will be an EARC for To End in Fire
Post by LTArmstrong   » Sun Jul 25, 2021 3:05 pm

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To End in Fire


The huge, authoritarian Solarian League lies in defeat, crushed by the Grand Alliance of Manticore, Haven, and Grayson. Yet the League is the most economically powerful human star nation in existence, and many League citizens deeply resent the fashion in which their star nation has been humbled. But there is an ongoing conspiracy far more dangerous than the bitterness of Solarian League defeat. Defeated Solarians and agents of the victorious Alliance must join forces to bring that conspiracy’s deed to light. For the Mesan Alignment is still insidiously working toward the enslavement of humanity. Now is the time to destroy this ancient evil. Now is the time to fight the final battle and see victory through—once and for all!

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