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Captain Zilwicki's options in SVW?

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Re: Captain Zilwicki's options in SVW?
Post by cthia   » Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:03 am

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ThinksMarkedly wrote:
cthia wrote:Also, a pirate has a few options. When attacking in n-space a pirate would want to get it over with immediately before help arrives or someone stumbles onto the attack. In hyper a pirate can choose not to contact the vessel it is pursuing. How can a freighter know it is a pirate approaching from astern if the vessel hasn't indicated its intentions? It could simply be a warship in a hurry. Unless, of course, certain maritime laws of right of way are observed in hyper. Even so, I was just informed of the immensity of the waves, so, what prevents what should be a common occurrence of a warship which is in a hurry and have far greater accel from overtaking without evil intentions of attacking? And if that is common as a sports car overtaking freighters on the interstate, then how can a freighter be sure? Why would a pirate prematurely tip its hand by establishing contact and ordering prey to heave to without first entering energy range?

Those are very good points. Like the false flag discussion on the other thread, a pirate does not have to raise the black flag until they're ready to demand surrender. The freighters have no way of knowing that the pursuers are hostile.

Or maybe they do: like in high seas, with very wide hyperspace travel lanes, even in a grav wave, someone on an intercept course wants something. I suppose authenticating the sender is easy, so a pirate can be spotted by either the failure to authenticate or lack of communications, the same way we have ways of authenticating websites with HTTPS (BTW, Duckk, when is the forum going to transition to HTTPS? LetsEncrypt certs are free).

Also, in n-space a pirate's sensors can detect anyone else who is around, thus know when the "coast is clear." If a pirate forces prey into n-space from hyper, how can the pirate know the conditions they are dropping into?

Good point too: a pirate wouldn't force a transition into a band or system that they don't know to be clear. So they wouldn't force a transition out of hyper when arriving at a system they're not in cahoots with.

But forcing a transition in outer space should be fine. The chances of there being someone else around are, literally, astronomically small (and I used "literally" in the proper sense).

Amen to https. Enquiring minds want to know.

What was Helen's family doing on that freighter? Isn't that asking for trouble? Are yachts attacked as well? Aren't they protected by law?

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Re: Captain Zilwicki's options in SVW?
Post by Theemile   » Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:22 am

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cthia wrote:
What was Helen's family doing on that freighter? Isn't that asking for trouble? Are yachts attacked as well? Aren't they protected by law?

There was an RMN personnel draft moving along with the convoy - Anton was assigned as a Ship engineer to go to the repair/fleet base being built at the destination (think of the convoy as a fleet base in a box, including staff). Some freighters are Freighter/passenger versions, and at least 1 of the convoy was one of these models. Since this was a long term assignment - families were being moved, as well as the staff. I don't know if Helen's Lt Cruiser (and the rest of the convoy's defenders ) was assigned to the new base on a permanent basis, someone was kind and gave her this assignment so she could see her family off, or if it was just a coincidence that she was along in the escort.
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