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Tactical Error in SVW

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Tactical Error in SVW
Post by Erls   » Sun May 09, 2021 11:14 pm


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So, in re-reading SVW, I believe I have found a tactical error made by Sarnow and Harrington. To be precise, this is less an error about actual combat tactics, but instead about bluffing tactics.

Following the initial Manty missile strike that was re-enforced with missile pods, the Manties accelerate for all they are worth away from the Peeps. At the same time, the repair base launches two squadrons worth of SD drones. This causes Admiral Chin to decelerate for a number of minutes, before realizing the drones are actually drones. Part of the reason Chin turned back was because she realized that, had the Manties really had two squadrons of SDs waiting for her, they could have obliterated her entire force in the opening salvo if they had similar missile quantities as the BCs did.

I would propose that had Sarnow and Harrington instead had the repair base launch 8 drones, set up to appear as Dreadnoughts, Chin would have remained decelerating for a longer duration of time. This would be especially true if the DN drones had lit off their drives a couple million KM from the repair base - as if they had been at the base when the Peeps arrived in system and then began moving slowly out, only firing off their drives when combat began. Chin would be thinking that the Manties snuck in a squadron of Dreadnoughts - after learning that Parks had left the system - and the DNs were at the repair base getting the same missile system the BCs had just torn her apart with. She probably would have remained decelerating for an additional 5, maybe even 10 minutes (although it may have taken her a moment longer to order the decel). This would have given Sarnow enough time to get his fleet away and begin to make plans for a harassing action - until Danislav appears.

Re: Tactical Error in SVW
Post by munroburton   » Mon May 10, 2021 5:24 am


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Generating a fake squadron of dreadnoughts might have been more sophisicated - against Chin only. However, they had Admiral Rollins sitting out at the hyper limit with two SD squadrons.

The use of faked Gryphons was as much for their consumption as it was for Chin's. If they had seen Chin confronted by a more equal opponent, they would start coming in. When Chin's dreadnoughts were finally lured into position for Danislav's to finish them, the multiple layers of apparent deception had Rollins so worried about what else was coming next that he ran back to collect his third squadron at Seaford.
Re: Tactical Error in SVW
Post by Theemile   » Mon May 10, 2021 9:09 am

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Drones in 1905 pd were very short lived - especially when they were expending enough energy to emulate a superdreadnaught. In HoQ, a similar tactic was used - this time with existing CAs in formation with the drones pumping out replacements every 5-10 minutes to keep up the ruse.

So at "this" point, using a drone like this is just to get a knee jerk reaction - to evoke a response or halt an eminent one, And give it value - for just enough time to reinforce it.
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Re: Tactical Error in SVW
Post by Duckk   » Mon May 10, 2021 6:49 pm

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Also, the reason why she resumed pursuit was that she deduced, correctly, that any reinforcing ships would have been spotted by the Argus network. So whether the decoys were DNs or SDs wouldn’t really change that equation.
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