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Future of the Renaissance Factor

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Re: Future of the Renaissance Factor
Post by cthia   » Wed Feb 17, 2021 8:46 am

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Theemile wrote:
cthia wrote:Theemile, could that be the result of the total brainwashing by the Kims AND the effectiveness of a radio-free NK, or is it knowledge that gratitude for the rest of the world is NOT tolerated?

****** *

Have we yet considered how the SL will accept these RF worlds who come to have an economical and industrial shot in the arm via ex-SL polities?

Seeing the video and later hearing the doctors discussing how odd the behavior was, I would say brainwashing. There was no thanking the Doctors (not even a handshake or a polite head nod...), just a beeline to the wall and a severe heartfelt release of love, joy, and addoration at the Portraits of the Kims, which I've rarely seen outside of a religious shrine or backstage at a boy-band concert.

Yes, many of those who were treated were were older Koreans, and they knew firsthand Kim Il Song as the guy who lead the rebel movements to drive out the brutal Japanese occupation they were enduring, created the N. Korean nation, drive out us evil Americans and our capitalistic ways, etc. But even their families reacted the same. It was just... odd. Their fervor was that of a religious zealot. I guess it explains why N. Korea still exists.

as for the RF worlds...
The RF worlds are the planets next door. Visigoth was a founding member of the SL. Their populations are just normal SL populations, living normal SL lives and their industries are integrated into SL economic structures just like any other SL company is. Some might have been secretly fronting or researching for the RF for years, unknowingly.

No, the real concern is what will happen when they PULL OUT of the SL economy? For example, That one company which has been buying out all the other SL based hard drive manufacturers and moving construction to random RF worlds? Or those two companies that has driven all the other unobtanium producers out of business on price points - which just happen to be based on RF planets?

I recall someone once attributing the phenomena to the Stockholm Syndrome. I think it was one of my professors, but I can't swear to it. But I do recall the discussion took place in his class.

That is the point. Former wives of the SL will now be operating -- and obviously thriving if the RF plan goes well -- and still living right next door. That would be like losing a wife or a gf and she moves in with the guy...just next door. And thrives. Ouch!

And remember, she takes her dowry and all the things she has accumulated while living under your roof with her. Double-ouch.

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