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Is the Detweiler Plan off the rails?

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Re: Is the Detweiler Plan off the rails?
Post by tlb   » Wed Oct 13, 2021 7:07 pm


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Brigade XO wrote:Mycroft is Alliance tech, developed at Bolthole. It's possible the MAlign made a very educated guess when Gweon informed Kingsford of it coming online at Beowulf,

ThinksMarkedly wrote:This was one of the unexplained and more worrisome parts of the Alignment's penetration. The Alliance is pretty sure the high-level echelons are clear of Aligmment agents, thanks to the help of treecats, but that still leaves low-level agents, non-Alignment spies that may inadvertently tip off the Alignment, as well as people in Beowulf who may have found out the codename.

But it looks like it was the Alignment's deduction of what it did. Unlike all other Manticoran codenames, this one actually meant something, because Mycroft Holmes is the brother of Sherlock Holmes, the antagonist of Moriarty. If we suppose that the Alignment was aware of Moriarty and its purpose from earlier penetration, deducing what Mycroft is based on the codename and the fact that the RMN had FTL missiles.

I found the quotes in UH where Daniel Detweiler is hearing about Mycroft from Chernyshev, the director of operations. It is halfway down page 170 (out of 773 in the hardback version). Because I only have the hardback version, I can not copy and paste.

Anyway a report has surfaced from an agent in the Beowulf Defense Force; who gives a description of Mycroft, but not the full technical specs. The report makes clear that Mycroft is an updated version of Moriarty mated to Apollo and Ghost Rider improvements. The section ends with a suggestion that Mistletoe would be a good starting point for a countermeasure solution.

Note that Gweon is passing on information about Mycroft to Kingsford from the Malign and is actually lying to him by saying the system is not yet in operation. This is intended to get the Solarian Navy to strike before they think it will be turned on.
Re: Is the Detweiler Plan off the rails?
Post by ThinksMarkedly   » Wed Oct 13, 2021 7:24 pm


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Brigade XO wrote:At this point the Alignment still does not have FTL communication but clearly have figured out that all that gravimetric activity between GA ships and GA weapons is communication- and also clearly able to transfer a lot of sensor and tactical data.

That information is now out of date.

I have to wonder if the Alignment had a default plan in the event that they were not going to be able to find the Mycroft nodes by tracing the focal and or distribution point of all that gravimetric activity, particularly when much of it- the part they really would need-- might be little more than the Mycroft units getting little more than "i'm here" ping confirmations from pods or to & from the main defense net. Might they have already been fed targeting solutions for various military and communications along with any manufacturing or habitats that would have been within their graser range from their predetermined loiter points?

Probably just not attack anything and let the SLN get chewed pretty badly. Though as we've seen, there wasn't much worse they could've got chewed...

The Silver Bullets weren't coordinating with the SLN, so they couldn't control the Hastas or missiles. They could have shot at some installations, but that probably means getting the SBs close to populated & trafficked regions of the system, which might not have been a good idea.

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