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How to downgrade the fleet without upsetting the public?

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Re: How to downgrade the fleet without upsetting the public?
Post by Sigs   » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:22 pm

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tlb wrote:
George J. Smith wrote:There are still thousands of SLN ships in service and in the reserve, parcelling them out to the various SL member systems would create a core of ships for their SDFs. Yes they are obsolete compared to the GA ships, but they are sufficient for system defence when the only people who may attack them would be other SL system members that have the same tech. Where those systems would get the warm bodies to crew the ships is another matter, ships currently in service may well be crewed but not necessarily by residents of all the systems members, ships in reserve have either ghost crews or none at all.

The GA is not interested in taking action against any of the SL member systems as long as those systems limit themselves purely to defence of their systems and shipping, therefore as far as system defence is concerned it doesn't matter that GA tech is much more advanced.

Is it likely that existing SLN ships will meet the requirements for the new League? If not, then you still have the need for a long transition time for the members worlds to get their SDF up to the new standard.

Are you saying that advanced GA tech can be used in system defense since the GA is unlikely to attack or that since the system defense will not need to withstand a GA attack it does not need advanced GA tech (this is how I choose to read it)? I would say that the GA does not let any of its advanced tech out for whatever reason. Also, if it were to sell export weaponry (which I advise strongly against); it would be unlikely to sell anything that it would find difficult to arrack.

As far as we know the only ships that can utterly destroy the SLN's SD's even 10 or 20 to one are the GA's SD(P)'s. This means that in the time between getting SD(P)'s and CLAC's/LACs etc they will use what they have for their defence because its the best they can get, the SLN still has a serious problem with training, organization etc... in the time between the end of the war and the first SD(P) gets commissioned they will have significant problems to overcome and they will have obsolete ships to do it with, if they work on the problems they can fix by the time SD(P)'s come around they will have everything settled with the SDF's organization etc... if they don't it would extend their vulnerability that much longer because they wasted 10,15 or 20 years getting the ships in service and now have to go out of their way to fix the problems they ignored for the previous decade or two.

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