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Alternate ending / solution

Aliens? Invading aliens? What will Earth do? Well...we may have a few more resources than we first thought. Come join a friendly discussion about David Weber's newest Tor series - "Out of the Dark."
Re: Alternate ending / solution
Post by isaac_newton   » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:01 am

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runsforcelery wrote:
Spoz wrote:
Now David, that’s just nasty! There we were, innocent little readers thinking we understood the first book and waiting impatiently for the sequel when along comes the author and destroys all our illusions..... :shock:

A modest talent, but my own . . . :twisted:

some ill-conditioned individual might be inspired to ask 'well, were you born nasty & tricky, or did you have to work hard at it?' :lol:

of course, that would not be me!

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