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Rayno's demise

This fascinating series is a combination of historical seafaring, swashbuckling adventure, and high technological science-fiction. Join us in a discussion!
Rayno's demise
Post by DianeSilva   » Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:21 pm

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[I enjoyed this book very much. ?Loved how Rayno met his end. Who would have thought after wrorking such terrors on others that he would be such a coward?Didnt see that coming. So far just stay air went to the punishment. I hope the Inquistion is totally removed in upcoming books. I'm glad Merlin saw to it harT Thirsts family was saved.. I felt really good about that. . Wonder when Safehold will face the Ghana?
Re: Rayno's demise
Post by DMcCunney   » Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:21 pm

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DianeSilva wrote:[I enjoyed this book very much. ?Loved how Rayno met his end. Who would have thought after wrorking such terrors on others that he would be such a coward?
Not really a surprise. Most of the Inquisition never sees threats as applying to them. They are more than happy to tell others to go and do things that will result in their deaths, but notably absent from the front themselves. (And those who were at the front tended to moderate their enthusiasm after Dallyd Mab made a few examples... :P)

Didnt see that coming. So far just stayair went to the punishment.
No one saw Staynair getting sent to the Punishment coming. It was a little startling that he'd be stupid enough to suggest opening negotiations with the EoC as a means of buying time to Clyntahn. He really ought to have known better by this point.

I hope the Inquistion is totally removed in upcoming books.
I don't see it going away entirely. Among other things, Safehold is still saddled with the Proscriptions, and the Intendents charged with seeing they are observed are members of the Inquisition.

But Duchairn's actions remind me of what a late friend who was a reform rabbi described as "building a fence around Torah". Jewish scripture specifies some fairly heinous punishments for various offenses. But over the centuries, the rabbis progressively narrowed various definitions and redefined applicable circumstances, so that even though the punishments were technically mandated by scripture, they would never be applied.

That's about what Duchairn has done. He's not willing to do what he sees as rewriting the Writ to eliminate the Punishment of Scheuler, but has made it extremely unlikely it will ever again be applied, and is in the process of totally reforming the Inquisition. Handing the ecclesiastic courts back the the Order of Langhorne is an enormous change. (Given how thoroughly it's disgraced itself under Clyntahn, it will be curious to see what sort of power and responsibilities the Order of Schueler will still have going forward.)

I'm glad Merlin saw to it that Thirsk's family was saved.. I felt really good about that.
So did Merlin. :P

I was really tickled to see Thirsk wind up as Dohlor's new First Councilor, and head of the Regency for King Rahnyld's son till he's old enough to take the throne after Rahnyld abdicated. Can't think of a better or more deserving candidate.

And I can see Baron Sarmouth sitting down with Thirsk over a good bottle of Chisholmian whisky to talk about old times. There are parallels enough in Earth history, where senior officers of opposing nations became friends after hostilities ceased, because no one else could really understand exactly what they had experienced.

(I was also delighted by Bishop Maik's dramatic change of attitude, and think his promotion to Archbishop of Dohlor is well deserved. There were indications he was unhappy about what was being required of him, and he finally decided that Zhaspar Clyntahn had led Mother Church to permanent schism, and most of Safehold to wrack and ruin. He concluded that Clyntahn had proven himself unfit to be a priest, let alone Grand Inquisitor, and he could no longer obey his vows of obedience to the Grand Inquisitor.)

Wonder when Safehold will face the Gbaba?
From discussions here, not for a while, and that will happen offstage. The Gbaba have been described as insular and not venturing beyond the boundaries of whatever volume of space their polity occupies. They aren't likely to discover Safehold, as they won't be looking, and a confrontation won't occur until humanity is in a position to go looking for them. That will be a while.

The bigger question for the next sequence will be waging peace, preparing for the prophesied return of the Archangels, and making the Proscriptions go away.
Re: Rayno's demise
Post by Expert snuggler   » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:46 am

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I don't blame him for coming unglued after witnessing that demonstration of seijin power.

It does seem out of character that he would be willing to turn his back on Clyntahn.

Shouldn't the good guys have saved his life, though, for justice or at a minimum for questioning?

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