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Favorite Audio-book Readers

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Favorite Audio-book Readers
Post by Valen123456   » Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:44 am

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Since we are having so much fun on the "Favorite Short Story" thread it made me think of something else. In recent years I have listened to more audio-books than read real or kindlebooks. In fact I have almost the entire Honorverse in Audiobook version.

I know not everyone goes for this, but I thought I would ask who is everyone's favorite Audio-Book reader?

To summarize:

Allyson Johnson: All Main Honorverse Novels and Honor-focused Short Stories (Ms Midshipwoman Harrington, With One Stone, Lets Dance)
Jay Synder: Shadow of Saganami series (save Shadow of Freedom)
Pete Larkin: Crown of Slaves series
Barbara Rosenblat: War of Honor (Abridged Version)
Eric Michael Summerer: Manticore Ascendant series
Krysten Hvam: Treecat Series, and Short Stories (Promised Land, Ruthless, Service of the Sword)
LJ Ganzer: Short Stories (Fanatic, Nightfall, An Act of War, Starship Design)
Victor Bavine: Short Stories (From the Highlands)
Lauren Fortgang: Short Stories (From the Highlands)
Kevin T Collins: Short Stories (A Ship Named Francis, Lets Go to Prague)

My Personal Top Three are
Allyson Johnson (Shear volume since she reads pretty much all the main novels, has a lovely French accent for certain Havenite characters)
Jay Synder (Wide range of accents and emotions)
LJ Ganzer (Wonderful sharp/sarcastic wit to his reading)

*Barbara Rosenblat is also another favorite Audio-reader but I am more familiar with her other reading works than the Honorverse.

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