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Something about the Honorverse

In the breaks in his writing schedule, David has promised to stop by and chat for a while!
Something about the Honorverse
Post by Maldorian   » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:07 am


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Hello, I am writing from Germany, so excuse my limited english. I read all in the german language published books from the Honorverse and have some questions and ideas that maybe anwered or took up in future books.


Weapons: Antimissle
At the war against Haven the range of the missles have been massive increased, but, what is with the antimissles? Manticore and Have use Multi Level attack missles, what is, if you take only one Level, of them and put a bündle of antimissle on the top instead the shipkiller warhead? That will give you a vehicle to Transport your antimissles over a longer range. Such a missle is very short, so you can put the double amount of them into a missle pod, so you can fire them normaly from the top of the pod, but also from the back. You can load them from both side into a normal missle pod.

Also, you can put the Standard antimissles in a normal missle pod. Antimissles are much smaler than the big attack missles and a reloading System woudn´t be useful due cost in production and the timefactor in combat. But, what if you cut the missle pod into different Levels? One Level has the tractor beam, energy and maybe other Equipment, but all others are filled with antimissle. How to bring them to work if the are obove each other? Simple! if you bring the pod to Action, the Levels will swing out like a Revolver drum and have a free fire line.

sprint drive
The missles from Technodyne at the battle of Torch had a sprint drive for the final attack. The sprint drive was taken from a antimissle, a normal interpellar drive. What would be, if you add to you shipkillers a chemical sprint drive? The bad Thing of the interpellar drive is, that you can see it very good on your sensors. A chemical drive is more "silent", and if your electronic combat warheads have still a interpellar, they would cover the "dissappering" warhead with chemical drive much better.

The current manticorian shipclasses are:

Destroyer - Roland class
Heavy Cruiser - Saganami C class
Battlecruiser- Nike and Agamemnon class
Superdreadnought - Invictus class
Carrier - doesn´t matter, the whole class is so new that there are no outdated ships.

Question is: "Is there no modern light cruiser in Service?" Or is the answer: "The xyz class light cruiser was the latest and newest ship of the fleet, but all of them was destroyed at Vulcan/Hepheistos!"

Patrol/Escort carrier
Manticore has some pod dropping Battlecruisers! Whar would be, if you remove the pod dropping ability and replace it by some LAC Hangars? In my eyes the result would be a good Escort and Patrol vessel.

In my eyes Manticore Needs a new downgraded "civil LAC"! The best way to protect the star Systems of the Talbott sector and the manticorian part of silesia would be LAC´s, but would it be wise to give them the Navy LAC´s with all the secret tecnology? Silesia is more corrupt than the solarian leage and that would´t Change that fast, so, if you give silesians accsess to the Navy LAC´s it would be, as if you send the Blueprints directly to Sol. Manticore know the Solarian Standard of wartecnology! In my eyes it would be logic to create a LAC, that ist one or two Generations above solarian Standard for local manticorian goverments. No one can steal critical Information and of course, for the locals is it easier to handle the LAC´s because the knowledge standart isn´t so high as in Manticore.

Ship building
The shipyards at the manticore System are lost! But, was that all what manticore has? Was Grendelsbane rebuild after the attack of haven? What is with Talbot and Silesia? Both have shipyards! Yes, there would be a bunch of Problem if you use thes shipyard and you could only build small ships like destroyer and Cruisers there, but if you try it maybe will work! The People in Talbott and Silesia don´t have the same Standard of knowledge as at manticore, but at the other side, they don´t have to build complete ships! You only need the docks of a shipyard for the heavy work of creating the bare hull! For the equipmentof the ship you can maybe use a normal repair Station! So, why you use the Talbott and Silesian shipyards to create naked hulls only outfitted with the Basics like life Support, lights, Hangars and other Military uncritical stuff? After that you put the Basic ships into a giant freighter nad bring them to manticore for the finish!

Space stations
If I remember it correct, the manticorians want rebuild their orbital industry in superspacestations again! Wouldn´t it be smarter to create some smaller space stations? If Transport is the Problem, you can use a Kind of the Transport System from one of the short stories. The one, were Honor helps at the avalance acciedent. The skihotel had a contagrav Transport System. Could such a System work between space stations? You have to build some sattelites betwenn the space stations. The sattelites create a Kind of contagrav tube between the space stations and you can send People and material between the stations like with a railroad or even like a Elevator.

What is the Connection between manticore an Grendelsbane? I read that there was a big shipyard at Grendelsbane that was destroyed after Haven start fighting again, but I don´t remember in what Connection the star System was to manticore!


One Thing I can imagine is, that Grendelsbane is the System and Alizone the habitable planit in it, but i don´t remember that that was clear said! Maybe a few words from the Admiral in the System after the Havens arrived for their attack, like "The Leader of Alizon won´t like that, what I have to do!" would made it clearer. Maybe I am wrong with my thoughts.
What Position has Alizon now? The danger from Haven is over. Will they stay at the side of manticore or do they say: "not against the solarians"?

What is the political Position of Erewhon after the Alliance between Manticore and Haven? Erewohn cancelled the alliance with Manticore and made an contract with Haven, but what is now? I don´t think that Erewohn will be back as a full allince member, not against the solarian league, but a defense Support contract or something else .....

Before Heaven start fighting again they have talking about to ask the People in the border Systems if the will stay in the Republic or not! Have they do that?

Is Honor still the comanding Admiral of the homefleet, or is she back on the planet? If there is no incomming enemy like the solarin fleet the homefleet fight it is a boring Job just to wait for nothing. Wouldn´t it be better, to send Honor back to the academy? She can teach the next Generation of officers in tactics and more important, can be home every evening. I haven´t children of my own, but isn´t it important to take part of the childhood of a child? Honor has a child! In the Honorverse People can reach an Age of centuries, but I don´t think a century would be enough to made a Connection to your child if you miss his childhood. And on the sight of storytelling: at the academy Honor is alway avilaible! If you Need her for a Chat with the Queen or the final hit against an enemy, you know were you can find her.
Maybe, if Honor personally should find her way back to the main stage, it could be an good idea, if the Alignement captured her and Nimitz! She is the only known human Empath and the Alignement want their Hand an a cat for a Long time! So, if they find Honors secret it could be the start for some new adventures! and it could be a way to bring some storylines together, like Zilwiki and Cachat searching for her, Admiral Henke who burned down everythig what is in her way if she know were Honor is....
only ideas!
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Re: Something about the Honorverse
Post by Duckk   » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:45 am

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You'll probably get better responses if you posted in the Honorverse forums.
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Re: Something about the Honorverse
Post by Maldorian   » Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:51 pm


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Maybe you are right!
But i post it here, because I hope that Mr. Weber will read it and maybe took the one or other idea from me!

If I want it for General discussion I had post it at Honorverse!
Re: Something about the Honorverse
Post by munroburton   » Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:05 am


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Maldorian wrote:Maybe you are right!
But i post it here, because I hope that Mr. Weber will read it and maybe took the one or other idea from me!

If I want it for General discussion I had post it at Honorverse!

Almost guaranteeing that he will not read this, as there are potential legal issues in an author using ideas proposed by someone else. As for your ideas and queries, I've answered a few of them:

Regarding the countermissiles(or antimissiles), the RMN/GSN in particular are able to fire more of these than they can control from their ships. This is partly redundancy, so if the ship takes damage and loses a few CM launchers, it can continue at maximum effectiveness. If too many are lost, they can switch to canisters, which is a standard missile body fitted with a small number of CMs, and fire them that way.

Chemical sprint drives are out of the question. No chemical drive can produce 90,000+ gravities of acceleration and sustain it for 30 seconds.

The RMN does have a light cruiser - Avalon class. It is, however, smaller than the Roland and armed with extended range single drive missiles. Most of them are deployed in Silesia, where they do not need multiple drives on their missiles. All of the new classes are considered transitional designs, whipped up in response to new technology and doctrine and IMO, all of them will be obsolete(or heavily superseded) in as little as 15 years.

Manticore has already deployed wings of Shrike and Ferrets to many Silesian and Talbott systems. They are currently manned by RMN personnel, not the locals. They will not give away their secrets so easily. And building a deliberately sub-par design is foolish for many reasons. The plan should issue the best equipment and carry on R&D to build even better equipment.

Haven is building new hulls at Bolthole to be sailed for final fitting out in Manticore using Beowulf-built components. Haven technology is far better than Silesian or Talbott.

Manticore is building two hardened space stations in place of each former station(for six total), all of which were built up rather haphazardly. But the problem with those stations weren't their toughness(or lack of), it was the surprise attack that gave them no time to bring up any defenses or do anything at all.

Grendelsbane is an uninhabited system that was set up as a fleet support base(like Hancock) and it simply grew into a full-sized shipyard. Alizon is a separate system that previously had battlecruiser construction, but was raided by Haven.

Erewhon looks set to play middleman between the Grand Alliance and the Maya Sector, when it decides to secede from the League. Right now their involvement is very unofficial. They do still have a separate defensive alliance with Haven, which would activate if Solarian raiders attack Haven.

Haven already shed hundreds of border systems when it changed back into a normal Republic. The remaining systems all have representation voting in Nouveau Paris and they have approved the alliance with Manticore.

I have the feeling that Honor will probably be stuck at Manticore until the GA has uncovered something crucial like a list of Renaissance Factor planets or the location of Darius. The Big Endgame, in other words. That's pretty much why Weber gave us the next generation in Talbott - Helen Zilwicki, Abigail Hearns and Naomi Kaplan, as well as Mike Henke(who herself is about to hit the too-senior-to-do-anything problem).
Re: Something about the Honorverse
Post by Maldorian   » Sat Aug 29, 2015 4:53 pm


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Thanks for the answer! It answers me some of my questions!

I Forget so say, that my my knowledge is limited till Admiral Henke´s attack of Meyers. All following books are not published in german yet!

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