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War God translation to german

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War God translation to german
Post by Markus-Austria   » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:10 pm


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i just wanted to ask if there are any informations about reprints of the books in german language.
Just the first 3 books were translated to german (ok, 4 books, Wind Rider´s Oath was splitted in 2 books) and "War Maid´s Choice" and "The Sword of the South" are still missing :cry:
I loved the first 3 books (i have read them at least 10 times) but my english skills are not good enough to read entire books and it´s no fun if you need a dictionary every 3-5 sentences.
I wrote dozens of mails to publishers about translations of my favourite authors (and David Weber is definitely one of them!) but never got any informations from them.
I hope that anyone has a (positive) answer for me!
Sorry if that isn´t the correct forum for such a question and please forgive my spelling mistakes if i have made some :oops:

an austrian fan

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