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On the sequence of War Maid's Choice and Sword Brother

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On the sequence of War Maid's Choice and Sword Brother
Post by timmopussycat   » Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:04 pm

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RFC tells us that Varnaythus dies before SB. (Snippet 11 thread p.1).

But Varnaythus knows in WMC ch 3 that Tremala and Rethak are attempting to acquire a mage. But T and R die in SB after they "acquire" the mage. So WMC appears, at first glance, to be before SB.

A second, contrary, indicator, however, is that Varnaythus has had something very bad happen to him after the end of WRO (WMC3), which he seems to describe as "still barely got away with my skin." (WMC 3). This event also seems to be referred to in SB V as it was his first failure. If this is correct, it puts SB before WMC.

(It also dates WMC to six years or so after WRO but that doesn't help the contradiction.)

Something odd going on here. Can anyone resolve the contradiction?

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