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THe crown(spoilers)

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THe crown(spoilers)
Post by SYED   » Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:49 am

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i was reading the info dump, the crown allows mind reading and detecting of wizardry that is black. IN the hands of a powerful wizard, they can control what htey recieve.
I am wondering what would happen if a mage wore the crown, say a mage whose crisis touched every sensitive on the continet, potentially the first wild mage. Say she can watch over the whol of norfressa, then she and other mages can act to immeadiatly deal with wizardry.
With the severity and early appearence of her crisis, it is likely she would be exceptionally powerful and have multiple gifts, likely all the known mage abilities and possibly others. The thing is mages can pool their abilities and powers, imagine what they could do the wizards.
If they can detect wizardry, could they detect those stones they use as well as wands? if all those assts were detectable, the wizards would be forced from norfressa, and serverly weakened.

COuld some one post the known and mentioned mage abilities please?

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