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Brandark's God and other things.....

Fans of Bahzell and Tomenack come on in! Let's talk about David's fantasy series and our favorite hradani!
Re: Brandark's God and other things.....
Post by wrlee1966   » Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:18 am

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Brandark Will follow Korthralla. He has not discovered this of course. But He knows that Tomanak is not his God. He wants to follow Chesmirsa But she told him theHe was too much her Brothers to follow her in Oath Of Swords. And his sudden passion for ships and learning about the sea says it has to be Korthralla. I do not know if they would try to invade Kontovar or not. But you know know all of the Bahzell's people left during the fall. Think of the kind of battles those would be if you had Hradani still there and still controlled by the orginal rage. It is clear that there are still people living on Kontovar especially Black Wizards. It will be interesting to see where David takes the story but this is not one of his primary story lines it seems to take him awhile to get to a new book about Bazell.
Re: Brandark's God and other things.....
Post by Thirdbase   » Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:29 am


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Here they are the male Gods that Brandark could follow:

Hirahim Lightfoot

Known as "The Laughing God" and "The Great Seducer," Hirahim is something of a rogue element among the Gods of Light. He is the only one of them who is not related to Orr (no one seems certain where he came from, though he acknowledges Orr's authority . . . as much as he does anyone's) and he is the true prankster of the gods. He is the god of merchants, thieves, and dancers, but he is also known as the god of seductions, as he has a terrible weakness for attractive female mortals (or goddesses). His symbol is a silver flute.

Unlikely as he is not a brother of the other Gods, although with the way "Brother" is used, "Sword Brother," "Wind Brother," etc. He would certainly qualify. But to be honest, Brandark (with the exception of teasing Bahzell) doesn't fit the follower of Hirahim.

Korthrala Orfro

Called "Sea Spume" and "Foam Beard," Korthrala is the fifth child of Orr and Kontifrio. He is the god of the sea but also of love, hate, and passion. He is a very powerful god, if not over-blessed with wisdom, and is very fond of mortals. His symbol is the net and trident.

Other than a curiosity of ship building, remember he was terrified of being on the ship at the beginning and still didn't seem overly happy at the end of the trip. Again I don't see it, he is often the voice of wisdom to Bahzell's rush in.

Norfram Orfro

The "Lord of Chance" is Orr and Kontifrio's ninth child and the god of fortune, good and bad. His symbol is the infinity sign.

We don't know much about Norfram, unfortunately. Brandark seems a bit too worried about outcomes, to follow the God of Fortune.

Semkirk Orfro

Known as "The Watcher," Semkirk is the tenth child of Orr and Kontifrio. He is the god of wisdom and mental and physical discipline and, before The Fall of Kontovar, was the god of white wizardry. Since The Fall, he has become the special patron of the psionic magi, who conduct a merciless war against evil wizards. He is a particularly deadly enemy of Carnadosa, the goddess of black wizardry. His symbol is a golden scepter.

Brandark could follow Semkirk, but I don't really see it.

Sorbus Kontifra

Known as "Iron Bender," Sorbus is the smith of the gods. He is also the product of history's greatest seduction (that of Kontifrio by Hirahim—a "prank" Kontifrio has never quite forgiven), yet he is the most stolid and dependable of all the gods, and Orr accepts him as his own son. His symbol is an anvil.

Oddly enough, although a half-brother, I could really see Brandark following Sorbus. Brandark certainly fits the stolid and dependable part. He is always there to support Bahzell, and in some ways the rock that Bazhell is grounded upon.

Tolomos Orfro

"The Torch Bearer" is the twelfth child of Orr and Kontifrio. He is the god of light and the sun and the patron of all those who work with heat. His symbol is a golden flame.

I don't really see Tolomos either, not enough about him or his personality.

Torframos Orfro

Known as "Stone Beard" and "Lord of Earthquakes," Torframos is the eighth child of Orr and Kontifrio. He is the lord of the Earth, the keeper of the deep places and special patron of engineers and those who delve, and is especially revered by dwarves. His symbol is the miner's pick.

A slim chance here, with Brandark's curiosity of the how and why things work, but I doubt it.

Toragan Orfro

"The Huntsman," also called "Woodhelm," is the thirteenth child of Orr and Kontifrio and the god of nature. Forests are especially sacred to him, and he has a reputation for punishing those who hunt needlessly or cruelly. His symbol is an oak tree.

Brandark is still a city boy, so no.

So contrary to what seems to be the opinion here, I think that Brandark will end up following Sorbus.
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Re: Brandark's God and other things.....
Post by Son of the Sith   » Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:45 pm

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Phrobus is also a brother of Chesmirsa... just sayin
Re: Brandark's God and other things.....
Post by biochem   » Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:51 pm

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I'm going to vote Semkirk. Even if Brandark is not a wizard, his main attribute seems to be scholar and scholars follow Semkirk.

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