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How would Gunpowder affect the Hradani?

Fans of Bahzell and Tomenack come on in! Let's talk about David's fantasy series and our favorite hradani!
Re: How would Gunpowder affect the Hradani?
Post by PeterZ   » Tue May 21, 2013 11:39 am

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WiseMan999 wrote:Just throwing this out there for general discussion.

Judging by the way the dwarves are going, they will probably end up inventing gunpowder. Once some quick-witted tinkerer with too much time on his hands realises you can use it to propel rounds far farther than conventional means can, this will have an effect on everyone. My question is, what do you think that effect will be on the hradani as a military force?

I personally am in two minds about this one. The guns (which will originally be quite weak) will probably negate some of the advantage hradani infantry will have over human infantry, as battles will no longer depend on swords - which can be swung faster and stronger by a Rage-taken hradani than a human, as well as hradani being able to use bigger swords anyway. You might also question whether the Rage would be able to slate its bloodthirst on the firing of guns rather than the slice of flesh under the sword. Then again, the Horse Stealers do use arbalests.

However, I think that the hradani will still have an advantage in their size and speed, as well as the Rage. Their enhanced energy-gathering abilities mean they can still march further and faster than humans, as well as carry more equipment. If the Rage enhances speed (Does it? Every time Bazhell uses the Rage he seems to get faster) then they will have an advantage there too, although obviously limited by the speed the actual weapon can reload.

I cannot decide whether guns would make the humans equal to hradani or whether they would still have advantages.

Awaiting comments

So long as hradani are tougher to kill, anything short of a disintegration ray will make the hradani more dangerous than humans. They simply can take more damage and survive. Where GSW will kill or knock out a human the hradani will keep on going. Sure a head shot will stop a hradani cold, few other shots will.

The same is true for explosives and any other weapons. The ability for hradani to survive damage will always make the superior soldiers and warriors without even counting the effects of the Rage.

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