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Question about the Battle of Darcos Sound in OAR.

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Re: Question about the Battle of Darcos Sound in OAR.
Post by Keith_w   » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:09 am


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WeberFan wrote:
Keith_w wrote:The defensive barges are probably where all their construction effort went. They built enough of them to cover the throat and probably needed all the new construction cannon to as well as any cannon from the reserves that Cayleb didn't take with him.

Good point, Keith_W, but I'm not convinced. IMHO there was lots of construction of barges going on, but that construction was by no means all, or even mostly where the money was going. I suspect that this was just one more of many programs that were taking place - all at the same time...

We already know (but didn't read about it until later) that the treasury was hemorrhaging (my word here but I think it's an appropriate one) Marks... Added to the spending by the Crown was all the "private" infrastructure / investment spending going on by Howsym and others.

Personally, I think the construction of the barges was important (yes) but no more important than the purchase of additional cannon for the fleet, construction of new galleons, outfitting of land forces (the Marines), research at the College, and a whole host of other things. One of many priorities, but not the crown jewel of them. In fact, I think the only area where there wasn't any spending going on was for galley construction!

I don't think it's just about the money, it's also about time and skill. I don't think there was enough time to construct more galleons as well as the barges, and there were definitely more issues with pouring cannon with brass they didn't yet have. It takes time to develop a skilled work force which they did not, at that time have much of.
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