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Shadow of Victory Snippet #3

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Re: Shadow of Victory Snippet #3
Post by zdlugasz   » Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:41 am


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Redhead wrote:
Relax people :) Please go look up the eARC on Baen's website, there are several chapters available online there for free, including this one and at least one more on Włocławek. All the corrections are already included, the Polish is not butchered there anymore :) Good work RFC and your Polish proof-readers !

Thanks for head-up. Anyway I agree with my predecessor that number of Polish-word/title insertions is too big (in this snippet) and they break (at least mine) reading flow.
Re: Shadow of Victory Snippet #3
Post by DanaNetherton   » Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:15 am


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zdlugasz wrote:Generally, no offense, but that Polish sound like coming from person who emigrated abroad and did not use it last 30 years or so.
Hmm. Sounds like people who moved to an unoccupied planet, and created a new community there, at least 30 years ago.

Maybe the author actually got this detail of this world that he built ... right!

Some of the "different from British English" elements in American English were commonplace in British English ... in the 1770s.

Sometimes we colonials actually do that sort of thing ... ;-)

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