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My Review of HFQ - Spoilers

This fascinating series is a combination of historical seafaring, swashbuckling adventure, and high technological science-fiction. Join us in a discussion!
My Review of HFQ - Spoilers
Post by duke of Istanbul   » Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:52 pm

duke of Istanbul

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I finished it yesterday and trying to collect my thoughts. First Clynthn sooner or later shall cull down rest of his peers in Group of Four. Just like every megolomaniac tyrant in history as things do not go according to script he himself written he shall first blame others , find scapegoats and get rid of others so they could rein all stir rups and believe they could do a better job alone (Hitler believed Providence made him greatest military commander too)

Charisian defeat in Naval Battle of Kaudzu Narrows could be prevented easily. They just needed to block the canals with offshore batteries equipped with hotshot , chain links an even with crude mines (in 19th Century they were invented weren't they) Although in final account it does not matter. Duke of Darcos came back to Gorath Bay with so many additional galleons strategically it was a Battle of Jutland type of victory especially Dohlaran Navy does not come out before more armored screw galleons were complate. Imperial Charisian Navy (just like Royal Navy in North Sea in 1916) still continues to blockade enemy , sorties at will as long as it recovers back from its losses.

Weber should be commanded in large scale land batles involving huge numbers and vast fronts , supply/logistics is vital. Too many amateur historians or military buffs are dazzled with tactics or operations but they do not give enough credits to a viable supply logistics system (which accomplishing is winning half of battle since it sustains your forces in field as long as it takes) If you supply logistical lines are severed you are in serious trouble as happened to Army Of Glacierhart and Army of Syhlmahn. The thing thay bugs me is no encircled cornered army sits where it is until siege tightens. On the contrary they try to break out always. None of Army of God formations does that suprisingly. Army of Syhlman was forbidden to retreat by Clynthn but Army of Glacierhart maybe could save most of its manpower but a timely breakout.

Merlin and his Co bring too many new additional members to Inner Circle. On that regard they are taking huge risks. I was awaiting one of the new candidates would not accept the truth due to strong doctrine of Church Faith despite all evidence (we human beings are too comformist sometimes) but so far they had been lucky. How long more though ? Could one of them still be clinging church doctrine while outwardsly seeming to accept the truth ?

When Charis squadron of Duke of Darcoss attacked , boarded and rescued Charisian POWs in prisoner convoy with "The Navy is Here" chant a military buff like me made the parallel : 16 February 1940 (World War 2) boarding of German supply ship , prisoner transport vessel Altmark on Norweigian fjords by Royal Navy destroyer HMS Cossack by direct orders of Winston Churchill. British captured Altmark and liberated 300 POWs captured previously during commerce raid of German pocket battleship Graf Spee (which herself was sunk in December 1939) in South Atlantic during 1939. Chant they used was same "The Navy is here"

Why Merlin does not sabotage ammunition production or new rocket design / construction of Church is beyond me. Even delaying them with a few careful SNARC detonations would save huge number of lives on battlefield.

By the way since Mighty Host is coming into play with huge numbers of soldiers and pressure for offensive operations will we see Battle of Verdun , Somme in 1916 in Western Front WWI" type of battles where huge numbers of casaulties on offensive operations just to advance a few miles. Charisian Army and Siddemarkians better prepare deep sturdy entrenchments and invent Gatling guns soon.

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