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Compressed Air to power Actuators

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Compressed Air to power Actuators
Post by shaeun   » Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:51 pm

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Hi All -

Now I understand that some uses of compressed air would seem like magic, but the ability to use air to actuate small machines seems like it could eventually become an efficiency point.

Some of the things that could use compressed air to power a machine or actuate/lift

Air over Hydraulic cylinders - useful for elevators, opening and closing heavy doors and possibly a forklift style machine

Air Powered Winches or Fluid Pumps

Air Powered hand tools [Probably the first to be used]

using Air power to move machines in small areas (that can be tethered) without having to put a steam engine on them (like forklifts)

And the final items which would seem possibly too much like magic - refrigeration, heating with heat pumps, blenders, food processors, vacuum cleaners, fans. In fact it is an excellent almost electricity.

Air can be distributed in a town just like water or natural gas and would certainly improve quality of life and ease of use. Also - because the compressors can be moved easily it would allow for artillery that could be controlled by air over hydraulic controls, and also would allow for weapons such as torpedoes from WW2 which were propelled by compressed air...

In any event the implications of compressed air are large and if they were duplicated would cause societal problems for the temple.

In any event, this is just an observation...

Thank You all. [I have been lurking for years....]

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