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Sailing Terms

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Re: Sailing Terms
Post by jtg452   » Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:12 pm

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Daryl wrote:In some cases though, jargon is used to impress others and produce a hidden club.
Management speak is classical, using multi syllable words and phrases to describe simple actions.
Medicine also, using lengthy Latin words for everyday items.

There are cases where jargon is used in the manner you suggest but there's much more to it in most cases.

Part of it is tradition, as isaac pointed out. Latin medical terms come from that source, for example. The use of Latin by doctors in Europe 500 years ago was important because it gave them a common language with understood terms and it's continued to be taught to the present day even if its' importance has waned.

In the case of a task specific lexicon like sailing terms, it's used for brevity and clarity. Sail adjustments can be needed to be done quickly and mistakes can have catastrophic effects.

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