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Charisian Urban Development

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Re: Charisian Urban Development
Post by WeberFan   » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:12 pm

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Erls wrote:... Charis could introduce the Subway to Safehold. With oil powered locomotives, the smoke problem of tunnels is gone. Thus, Charis could build multiple subway lines connecting the now three (Government/Church, Docks, Downtown Towers) important parts of the city and extend them out into residential districts.


Erls wrote:...By introducing steel-skeleton construction and towers Charis will allow for the rapid construction of housing and work space necessary for everyone moving to urban areas (as seen in our history). The introduction of the subway will offer quality, dependable transportation to the lower and middle classes.

Double hmmmmm

From textev we learned that the total population of Tellesberg is roughly 100,000 and that it's generally surrounded by agricultural areas that "feed the city."

The entire population of Safehold is somewhere around a billion... The entire PLANET. With the vast majority of people living on Haven and Howard. Population density in Charis is low. I don't remember what the total population is, but Tellesberg is by far the largest city.

Given that information, an overly complex urban transportation network is absurd.

A better - and far less costly choice (IMHO) would be a better (well-thought out & well engineered) road network with arterial, primary, and secondary roads. You MIGHT be able to sell me on an elevated, steam-driven cable car network though.

And you would almost certainly be able to sell me on universal building codes and sanitation / water treatment infrastructure.

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