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What if Earth didn’t fall?

This fascinating series is a combination of historical seafaring, swashbuckling adventure, and high technological science-fiction. Join us in a discussion!
Re: What if Earth didn’t fall?
Post by Galactic Sapper   » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:50 pm

Galactic Sapper

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Daryl wrote:An unlikely scenario, but more likely than this, is that there was another secret earlier seeding mission that didn't suffer the technological ban on its planet, and is now already taking the fight to the Ghaba

One of the things that always irked me about the premise behind Safehold is that the colonization fleet had the resources to settle TWO planets but orders to use the second half only if the first colony failed. Given that they thought they were the last remnant of humanity, why would they not use both baskets they'd brought to carry their eggs in?

Admittedly, Langhorne and Bedard were probably nuts enough that they wouldn't have allowed the second colony to depart, but this lunacy was part of their original mission orders!
Re: What if Earth didn’t fall?
Post by Brigade XO   » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:37 pm

Brigade XO

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In the backstory provided for Safehold, the Federation discovered an alien race, the Alphanes. However, the home planet and some colonies of the Alphanes were empty of life and the original theory was that the Alphanes destroyed themselves- for reasons unknown- because there was nothing found in any former Alphane system to indicate any other race or culture.

The Alphanes are ONE of the sentient species which humans discovered in the Honrvers and was initialy (I could be wrong about this) mentioned in the David Drake story Grand Tour from the More than Honor Anthology. Per the story, a remnant (sort of de-evloved) of the Alphane species was discovered living on a world which had been much later colonized by humans. The story includes how this is determened because prior to the "Tour" it was belived the Alphanes were extinct on all the planets where eveidence of them had been found.

So, from one perspective, Safehold represents an alternate time-line for Humanity's expantion into space. In one line it becomes the Honorverse, in the other Safehold.

Also in "Through Fiery Trials", the backstory section, it is mentioned that while the Federation initialy was successful in destroying a number (possibly a large number) of Gabs ships and retaking ravaged colony worlds, it turned out that what they encountered and had been beating back were only relativly light forces of what you could consider boarder scouts. The Federation was just beginning to build up a more massive force when actual main battle fleets started to arrive and smashed the Federation back to the Terran system- retaking and clearing human occupation everywhere elce.

While individual Gaba ships may have not been quite up to the power of major Federation Fleet units, there were a lot of them.......lots and lots and lots of them. So they just swamped anything the Federation had.
Think Russian Armored Divisions with Infantry, Artillery and Air support against Germand late in WW II. You can kill a lot of tanks and infantry but if there are more comping than you can kill, you are going to lose, particularly when your industrial base and population population pool keeps shrinking.
The Gaba just kept pouring more and more ships into the battles and accepted any level of casualties to get the job done...that being expunging the humans.

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