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A plot twist prediction attempt...

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Re: A plot twist prediction attempt...
Post by Joat42   » Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:16 am

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PMike wrote:..snip..
Posted last week:

Whacky theory--going way out on a limb. Schueler was on the fence with the Langhorne plan, following orders prior to the rakurai attack on Pei Shan-Wei. After that, he joined Kau-Yung. BUT, he followed the same archetype as Duchairn, pretending to go along with Chihiro, knowing the only way to defeat Chihiro was from right next to him. AT some key point, he got control of the Rakurai and that kept Chihiro in check.
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Posted in February:
Joat42 wrote:In the opening chapter <of TFT> Nahrman posits that something has gone wrong with the Archangels plan and it seems "nobody is home" which is why the OBS doesn't do anything and the Temple didn't react to Merlin's presence.

What if the Key is just that, the key component to awaken the OBS and the Temple. It's entirely possible it is housing the AI that's supposed to control everything and the current system is just running on automatic backups.

How and why is another question, maybe Schueler didn't agree with the other survivors and this was his way to derail the plan.

PMike wrote:Welcome to the conspiracy.

Yupp... :)

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Re: A plot twist prediction attempt...
Post by SilverbladeTE   » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:32 am

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PeterZ wrote:Last I checked I wasn't a Russian geneticist, no matter how interesting he might be. ;)
SilverbladeTE wrote:I did suggest this before, Dilandu ;)

I was replying to original post ;)

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