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St. Kohdy’s tomb: what REALLY destroyed it?

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Re: St. Kohdy’s tomb: what REALLY destroyed it?
Post by Dilandu   » Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:50 pm


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purduephotog wrote:I've always wondered whether or not the interred body was 'scanned' or otherwise analyzed.

Would be pretty awful to find out it was a PICA this whole time.

With all respect, its just impossible. For what reason may Archangels construct PICA body for Kohdy? All "seijin" project started exactly because Archangels were in dire need for more troops. If they could just construct PICA's it wouldn't be a problem.

Oh well, if shortening the front is what the Germans crave,
Let's shorten it to very end - the length of Fuhrer's grave.

(Red Army lyrics from 1945)

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