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Siddarmark Situation

This fascinating series is a combination of historical seafaring, swashbuckling adventure, and high technological science-fiction. Join us in a discussion!
Re: Siddarmark Situation
Post by PeterZ   » Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:51 pm

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phillies wrote:Sandaria didn't seem to have the needed acceptance of technology. Also, suborning OWL requires suborning Nahrman in the AI environment, which seems unlikely.
Dilandu wrote:
This depend on what level is the supposed sub-routines operates. If the original data is compromised on SNARC's - i.e. they are ordered to edit the footage - then Nahrman would not notice anything until he would run into some heavy contradiction.

Unless OWL can create a class knowledge that Nahrman can "not know". Effectively information that he knows is there but cannot acknowledge or use in any way without direct approval from OWL.
Re: Siddarmark Situation
Post by Randomiser   » Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:15 am

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PeterZ wrote:I can't get over the thought that SOMETHING weird happened.

My thought is that the SSK may just have something to do with this. Assuming Schueler did lasso the SSK into his overarching plan after Khody's death, he might have given them some sorts of over ride for Terran Federation computer systems. If so, then Sandaria Ghatfryd had more than enough time to suborn OWL when she was first confined to Nimue's Cave upon learning of Nimue Alban's mission. That means Sandaria could have compromised OWL's reports regarding anything that involves her activities to further Schueler's plan as Sandaria saw it.

I say Sandaria just because I doubt Nynian is a good enough actress to pull off marrying Merlin and conspiring behind his back. If she did do that, then achieving Schueler's goals are not mutually exclusive of achieving Merlin's and the Inner Circle's goals.

With OWL's help the SSK can easily implement Schueler's Plan or more likely hide their involvement in executing that plan for their patron.

Leaving aside the fact that putting an override into a military computer as standard is the stupidest idea I ever heard of - you try to make them as UN-hackable as possible, ....

Sandaria, who apparently has never seen a computer in her life, has to employ a device OWL can't detect or a technique the SSK have successfully preserved, without having any need for it, for Hundreds of years. If it's an SSK hack, Nynian has to know about the method. Impossible that the Reverend mother, esp one like Nynian, doesn't know about it, when her current deputy does. So it means Nynian is deceiving and betraying the whole IC including her husband. It also means she went through the whole war without saying to Merlin, 'I know this little trick with Federation military computers. Any chance you could adapt it to hack the Temple?' I just don't think it is compatible with Nynian as portrayed in the past however many books.

So the whole thing sounds deeply unlikely to me.

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