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Why can shaylar and jathmar not go home?

"Hell's Gate" and "Hell Hath No Fury", by David, Linda Evans, and Joelle Presby, take the clash of science and magic to a whole new dimension...join us in a friendly discussion of this engrossing series!
Re: Why can shaylar and jathmar not go home?
Post by ThisName1   » Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:48 am


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PeterZ wrote:I never said they were never going home. I said that Arcanans assumed they coul refuse to repatriate them and make it stick. One way or another Shaylar and Jathmar will make the Union of Arcana suffer immense pain. That insight into Sharonan tech Gadriel had will be the centerpiece for what those two will throw at the Union. Turmoil will be an understatement.

Once our kidnapped heroes hit their strides, Arcana will be begging them to leave.

That insight is the thing I'm most looking forward to in the next book.
Re: Why can shaylar and jathmar not go home?
Post by Jonathan_S   » Wed May 24, 2017 3:14 pm

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thanatos wrote:At present, the only Sharonians who know that Shaylar and Jathmar are alive are those who escaped the treachery of the negotiations (by way of their interrogation of Rithmar Skirvon) and the Fort Ghartoun POWs (by way of their Andaran mutineers and saviors). And both groups are now joined in one place behind enemy lines as it were.
Another sign that I need to find time to reread the books. I remembered that the negotiation team knew, thanks to their talents, that the Arcanans were lying about the death of Shaylar.
However my vague recollection was that they still thought she was dead; but that the Arcanans were lying about when and how she died (or was killed). (Cue visions of dying being questioned under torture)

And did they even ask about Jathmar since they'd seen him die in front of Shayar's eyes?

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