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Oceanic Portals?

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Re: Oceanic Portals?
Post by n7axw   » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:54 am

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Louis R wrote:OTOH, if they are placed with the view of impacting the local sentients, ocean portals make all kinds of sense - in those universes with sentient cetaceans. Or sentient giant squid, or whatever the local flavour happens to be...

n7axw wrote:One thought about oceanic portals that might be an argument against them is the notion that the portals are not random acts of nature, but the work of a third party. That idea has been with us pretty much all along.

If they are placed with the view of impacting humanity in various universes, then and oceanic portal would seem counter-intuitive since the chances of being discovered would be more problematic, if not completely non-existant.



Can't really argue with that, although the books themselves make a place for sentients other than humans, are decidedly homocentric in thrust and emphasis.


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Re: Oceanic Portals?
Post by Terranovan   » Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:20 pm


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The question most central to this thread has been thoroughly and resoundingly answered! :mrgreen:
I doubt that RFC will reply to this with anything more than a grin and "Tum, te, tum, te, tum..."

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