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RTH Official Snippet #2

"Hell's Gate" and "Hell Hath No Fury", by David, Linda Evans, and Joelle Presby, take the clash of science and magic to a whole new dimension...join us in a friendly discussion of this engrossing series!
Re: RTH Official Snippet #2
Post by bkwormlisa   » Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:37 pm


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I was thinking of these passages:
“Honestly, Sir?” The Arpathian shrugged. “I did have trouble making contact a couple of times. Once, he was asleep, and it took me at least half a dozen contact attempts to wake him up. The other time, he was concentrating on something else and it took him a while to Hear me. But both of those were unscheduled contacts. This time around, he should have been expecting to Hear something from me, I’d think, since I hadn’t Heard anything from him.”

“But what I was going to say, Sir,” the Voice continued, “is that Erthek’s sensitivity is a bit on the low side, and he tires quickly. Traygan and I are only about fifteen miles apart, and he’s sensitive enough that he can usually Hear me if I ‘shout’ loud enough, even if he isn’t actively Listening for me. Erthek’s almost three hundred miles from here, and he has to settle into at least an upper-stage trance to receive from me, so I can only contact him at times when he’s already expecting me to.”

The part I bolded indicates that even a Voice that isn't weak won't necessarily Hear someone only fifteen miles away unless he's expecting it. The first part does say that he normally will when that close, but not always. A Voice hundreds of miles away that isn't expecting a contact isn't very likely to Hear one, in my opinion, even if someone else thinks to send one.
Astelon wrote:Voices have ranges and sensitivity that varies by person. The passage in HHNF is about a single Voice mentioned as young, and not very sensitive. He had to enter an upper level trance to be able to hear a message at more than a limited distance (don't remember if the distance was mentioned, but the way it was discussed made it seem short). Other voices Like Shaylar and Darcel could communicate over long distances, but to reach maximum they had to enter a trance.

It seems that we could expect to find very sensitive Voices that could Hear others at much long ranges, even without a trance. These however would be more valuable as a Voice, and may face other issues as well (to much sensitivity to those around you?).

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