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What would you do?

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What would you do?
Post by Michae   » Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:46 am

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If you were in Prince Roger's place at the end of the last book.would you you do to outdo the dame done to the Empire of Man by Adoula's rebellion? Because with the damage done to the Fleet,as they said,they just don't have enough ships to both hold back the Saints and put down the rebellion,but if the rebellion isn't dealt with,he does have shipyards of his own. Not to mention issues with shoddy weapons manufactures that produce weapons that have critical defects,and just who can you trust after an attempted coup of this size? I'm surprised Roger hasn't conducted several summary executions on the spot,after the crap they tried to pull..
Re: What would you do?
Post by DDHvi   » Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:46 pm

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In general, find ways to reward, with prestige, more authority, more profit, etc. those who provide needed support.

Also, punish those who foul up. IIRC, during WWII, there was a problem with parachute packing quality. It was solved by having each packer make a drop at the end of each day using a randomly picked sample from that day's personal work. Also, remember how the problem with low quality spring steel was solved when they were trying to make enough guns?

Have that reporter produce "From Clotheshorse Prince to Battle Prince in XXX Really Horrible Days," a summary video with links to all available records of Roger's jungle slogging experiences.

This should give Roger a reputation for being explosive when confronted with deliberate foul ups, tempered with insistence from his companions that he is to provide honest trials, etc. and show mercy to those who confess and find something else that they actually can do well . . ..
Even if it is digging ditches :lol:
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Re: What would you do?
Post by JenBurdoo2   » Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:16 am


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First thing would be to give the prime minister a choice - he can be fired for utter incompetence or arrested for treason. (Either he failed to do something about the Empress being suborned, or he failed to notice anything was wrong. Either way, he doesn't belong at the reins of government.) Then appoint O'Casey as prime minister. Granted, she has zero legislative experience, but given the way Roger likes to barge right through established channels, that might not be a hindrance.

There aren't going to be summary executions because Nimashet won't allow it - not that she doesn't want to, but after that talking-to from CSM Kosutic and O'Casey she knows her job is to keep Roger in check. I imagine there will be some interesting arguments in the next book.

I'd also lock everyone in Parliament into a room and make them watch the "after-action report." No one would be excused for throwing up. Then smuggle it to the Marines in the rebel elements of the fleet. It would sharply reduce their efficiency -- although this would give the Saints a leg up on the borders, which isn't a good thing either now that Roger has learned to put less trust in capital elites and more in provincial commoners (like, say, his fiance - we don't know where Midgard is, but given its apparent poverty it's probably in the boondocks of the Empire. I do hope it's not in Jackson's sphere of influence).
Re: What would you do?
Post by HB of CJ   » Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:14 am

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This thread is still young enough. I would cut a deal with those little cute lizard like mind reading aliens and let them from a secure place read the minds of all those individuals who may or may not be guilty.

This means run everybody through the mind readers. Then proceed according to needs. Lots of folks need to be held accountable for what ever they did or let happen. A nasty rebellion is in progress.

Nimashet must decide. Her feelings or the good of the Empire Of Man. King Roger must do what needs to be done. Suspect, confirm, verify, then graphically execute for all to see and understand. Yikes?

Yep. He needs to do this for so many good reasons. To not do so would be a expression of weakness. I still think having the bad guys over for diner and letting Dogzard have fun is the perfect form of death.

But only after Roger wacks off an arm or leg to let Dogzard first sample. Barbarous? Absolutely. But, Roger does it himself. Another important lesson not lost upon the guilty. He has too much to do.

Extreme times. Extreme measures. Graphic moral lessions. Roger does all of this, but he certainly does not enjoy doing any of it. Sometimes being an Emperor is very difficult. Future loyalty is vital.

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