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Machine Tools to Start an Indusrital Revolution?

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Re: Even The Entire USA Can't Do That Stuff TODAY...Much L
Post by Skywatcher44   » Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:53 pm

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HB of CJ wrote:The folks in Grantsville. IMHO, all of this machine tool madness is fine and dandy, but it may not have any sense of practicality in the Ring Of Fire Universe. The hillbillies do not have 5% of what it would take to make what it would take to make what it would take. You get the idea. They are cut off "out of time".

Another big problem is has not been adequately discussed is that spies of various nations, (France?) have ALREADY raided the various public, private and school libraries. They know all this machine tool stuff is also possible and they might have the weight of entire functioning national governments behind them.

Sosss...what exactly IS DOABLE or WORKABLE? Dunno fur sures. Perhaps a step by step slow approach in re-establishing a machine tool capability....this is if the surrounding enemy gives the new United States any time to do so....or if the enemy does not do so on their own. Times are going to get very tough indeed. Just me. HB of CJ (old coot) :)

The biggest problem I have with the Grantville machine shops is replacement tools for their uptime equipment. Pretty sure they will run out of carbide and / or titanium end mill bits in short order, not to mention grinding wheels and lathe bits and drill bits and ad nauseum. Give me Atlanta and the McMaster Carr and Grainger warehouses and we have a shot. Grantville? Within 2 or 3 years, their perishable tooling is all going to be perished.
Re: Machine Tools to Start an Indusrital Revolution?
Post by DDHv   » Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:21 pm

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Earning school money involved, among other jobs, working in a flour mill that still used shafts and belts, running off of one large electric motor in a back room. My last job before just retiring involved, among other things, keeping computer numerical controlled machines working. My replacement just called me in for three days to track down the problem in their biggest CNC machine.

Granpa had to drive over dirt roads to sell his goods.

Dad made quite a bit by buying land and fertilizing where they didn't yet. I've helped dig three outhouse holes. Not comfortable in a North Dakota winter. :x

Changes have been faster than we usually recall.

However, I agree that a certain minimum is needed to start. The argument would be what size and how fast it could grow.

Dumb mistakes are very irritating.
Smart mistakes go on forever,
unless you test your assumptions.
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Dumb mistakes are very irritating.
Smart mistakes go on forever
Unless you test your assumptions!

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