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[Minor TVP Spoilers] The Temporal Fermi Paradox

David's and Jacob Holo's newest alternate, cross history series.
Re: [Minor TVP Spoilers] The Temporal Fermi Paradox
Post by Jacob Holo   » Sun Oct 25, 2020 6:22 pm

Jacob Holo

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ThinksMarkedly wrote:So I expect you'll give me a space elevator on Titan!

Sure, I can do that. ;)

There isn’t one mentioned in the current draft, but that’s easy enough to add once David passes the draft back to me. How about I let you pick the name, too, as a small tuckerization? Anyone you’d like it named after? Yourself? A friend or family member of yours? I figured we’d call it the Something Something Memorial Space Elevator and then tie it into Titan’s colonial founding in SysGov's history.

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